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Application fields and functions of Yingli stainless steel reducer
Time:2022-08-06 12:04:40    Author:yingli

     The stainless steel reducer is a connection that connects two nozzles (large and small) with different paths, and is used to change the path and flow direction of liquid and gas in the pipeline.

It is mainly divided into concentric stainless steel reducer and eccentric stainless steel reducer. Different stainless steel reducer can be selected for different environments.

    The stainless steel concentric reducer, that is, the diameter of the two ends of the pipe is on the same center.

This kind of stainless steel reducer is suitable for controlling the flow rate of fluid, and it is suitable for sticking to the wall or to the ground to run the pipeline without taking up space.

    The stainless steel eccentric reducer, that is, the diameter circle center is no longer on the same center, can be divided into two types: top flat and bottom flat.

The eccentric stainless steel reducer can not only achieve the purpose of changing the road strength, but also control the input and output of the flow in a specific environment.

   Correct use of the stainless steel reducer can not only change the path of the fluid, but also save materials, smooth the pipeline, prevent blockage, and improve work efficiency.