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Yingli introduces you to the stamping process of stainless steel reducer
Time:2023-01-03 12:18:27    Author:yingli

Stainless steel size head can be divided into stainless steel concentric reducer and stainless steel eccentric reducer, alias is stainless steel reducer.
1. The size of the stainless steel head has the existence of the mold in stamping, which ensures the size and contour accuracy of the stamping parts. And in the stamping is not damaged the quality of the surface of the stamping parts.
2. The cost of stamping stainless steel size head is very low, because the material consumption of stainless steel size head is very low in the stamping process, saving the cost.
3. The stamping process of the size of the stainless steel head can not only process the parts of larger size, but also the parts of very complex shape.